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PowerSouth strengthens local economies

PowerSouth strengthens local economies through donations, jobs, tax dollars

ANDALUSIA, ALA.–Staying true to the cooperative mission, PowerSouth promotes the general welfare of the communities it serves by acting as an economic stimulator.

PowerSouth provides quality jobs, makes charitable donations and pays taxes each year, benefiting the economy and strengthening the community. This revenue is turned over in the local area six or seven times, bolstering the county’s economy and paving the way for community growth.

By definition, cooperatives are highly involved within the communities they serve. PowerSouth operates by this principle, helping to meet the needs of local schools, nonprofit organizations and other community groups while providing community leaders the resources necessary to be successful.

“PowerSouth strives to contribute to the sustainable development of the communities we serve – in fact, it’s one of our core values,” said Leigh Grantham, PowerSouth Vice President of Member Services and Communications. “Giving back to the communities we serve is an important part of our organization.”

Overall, PowerSouth paid more than $6.7 million in taxes in Alabama and Florida for 2014, including property taxes on PowerSouth’s electric generating plants, substations, district service centers, transmission line equipment and corporate headquarters.

In Covington County, home of PowerSouth’s James A. Vann Jr. Plant, Maury A. McWilliams Plant, and Gantt and Point A Hydroelectric Plants, those tax dollars help fund county schools, hospitals, fire departments, roads and bridges, as well as the general county fund.

PowerSouth pays taxes in 40 Alabama counties and 10 Florida counties.

PowerSouth employs more than 580 employees at nine locations in Alabama and Florida.


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PowerSouth is an EEO and AAP employer

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