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CAPTION: PowerSouth’s Keith Castleberry, Technician in the Telecommunications Department, celebrated a seventh consecutive safe year in May.

















CAPTION: PowerSouth’s Jason Anderson, Operating Technician at the McIntosh Plant, celebrated a 15th consecutive safe year in April.

ANDALUSIA, ALA.–PowerSouth employees proved their awareness and dedication to safety by completing more than 1 million hours without a lost time injury in 2013, which means no employee in 22 work groups missed work due to an injury suffered on the job.

“All our employees are to be commended for their commitment to safety,” said PowerSouth President and CEO Gary Smith. “Our employees are our most valuable asset, and their safety has always been our primary core value. Our safety record is proof that PowerSouth employees set the standard for safety excellence in our industry. Having our employees go home uninjured to their families every day is our goal, and safety milestones like these honor their hard work.”

Departments celebrating safety milestones in 2013 include:

Central Generation’s 61 employees completed one year -- 142,287 safe hours -- on Jan. 19. This was the third consecutive year the employees had no lost time injury, which equates to 411,620 total safe hours.

The McIntosh Plant’s 20 employees completed one year -- 41,033 safe hours – on April 19. This was the 15th consecutive year the employees had no lost time injury, which equates to 459,141 total safe hours.

The Telecommunications Department’s 18 employees completed one year -- 29,959 safe hours – on May 12. This was the 7th consecutive year the employees had no lost time injury, which equates to 292,453 total safe hours.

The Lowman Plant’s 175 employees completed one year -- 346,107 safe hours – on July 13. This was the fourth consecutive year the employees had no lost time injury, which equates to 1,459,450 total safe hours.

The Transmission and Distribution (T&D) Operations and Maintenance Department’s 72 employees completed one year -- 136,948 safe hours – on July 13. This was the third year consecutive year the employees had no lost time injury, which equates to 438,622 total safe hours.

Almost 400,000 safe hours were worked collectively by multiple departments at the corporate headquarters in Andalusia, Ala., effective Dec. 31. Inside departments celebrating a safety milestone included: Bulk Power Services, Communications, Customer Response, Economic Development, Energy Control, Energy Resources, Environmental Services, Finance and Accounting, Financial Planning, Fuels, Human Resources, Information Systems, Legal Services, Member Services, President and CEO Staff, Safety and T&D Planning and Reliability.

PowerSouth operates with a commitment to mutual respect to provide a safe work environment for each of its 588 employees. The company’s new vision statement, implemented in 2013, encourages employees to work toward “Exceeding Expectations Every Day,” and practicing safe working habits is part of that goal.

In 2013, PowerSouth began implementing a behavior-based safety program. STOP™ (Safety Training Observation Program) was developed by DuPont™ and aims to prevent incidents and injuries. It is designed to help supervisors and employees look at safety in a new way, so they can help each other work safely. STOP has been used to educate managers, supervisors, team leaders and employees at the plants and in the field on how to conduct safety observations as their employees and coworkers work. 

While there are many office jobs at PowerSouth, hundreds of employees often work under extreme conditions. Plant workers and linemen routinely work around live electricity in less-than-optimal conditions, presenting some of the worst-case scenarios in a work environment. This level of exposure illustrates the magnitude of this safety accomplishment.

A good safety record also impacts PowerSouth’s bottom line. Accidents affect insurance and workers compensation rates, as well as productivity and overall cost to PowerSouth’s 20 distribution members.

“Our employees work together to carry out our safety program,” said PowerSouth Safety Manager Buddy Manring. “Our good safety record is only possible through their combined efforts and dedication to working safely.”

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About PowerSouth:

PowerSouth serves the wholesale energy needs of 16 electric cooperatives and four municipal electric systems in Alabama and northwest Florida, with more than a million consumers in 39 Alabama and 10 Florida counties. PowerSouth is dedicated to providing reliable energy at the lowest possible cost to its members.


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