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Employee profiled during military service

PowerSouth System Operator Chad Henderson was recently profiled in a video produced by a local television news station while he was at Artillery Training at Camp Blanding in Clay County, Florida, near the city of Starke.


Henderson, Chief Warrant Officer 2 in the 1-117th Field Artillery Battallion, was profiled, along with several of his fellow soldiers. 

"The guy shown on the video inside the turret talking on the radio is Steve Stephenson’s son," Henderson said. Stephenson works at Central Generation as an IC&E Technician.

The training caught the attention of local news due to the rumbling it caused around Camp Blanding. According to the video, shots fired could be heard as far as 30 miles away.The Army National Guard uses the training exercise to keep soldiers prepared to use larger artilliery like the M777A2, shooting 155mm rounds which can be heard from far distances.The training ensures accuracy at long distances.

"We are the eyes of the artillery, without this piece the artillery cannot fire," Henderson said. "They are an indirect weapon, they can't see what we see. We guide them onto the target, make corrections as necessary and actually see the effects on the target that the two produce."

PowerSouth salutes all our employees who serve or have served in the military. Special thanks to GTN news from Gainesville, Fla., for their coverage.

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