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April 18: National Lineman Appreciation Day

Electric Lineman all over the country are celebrated Apr. 18 as part of National Lineman Appreciation Day.
Utility companies across the nation use the day to recognize the efforts of the men and women who work in all sorts of weather at all times of the day and night to keep electricity flowing.
PowerSouth employs more than 29 linemen at headquarters and three district offices. 
“The work that PowerSouth linemen perform is vital to providing the high level of reliable service that we strive to maintain for our member systems,” said Terry Wilson, Director of T&D Operations. “Whether it’s restoring power during stormy weather, responding to outages at night or on weekends, or the line maintenance they do most every day, these men work hard and do a great job.  We really do appreciate not only PowerSouth linemen, but all line workers across the country and the work they do to keep the lights on.”
PowerSouth salutes all our linemen for their dedication to safety, our distribution members, reliability and each other. Without their dedication, we wouldn’t be able to ensure the reliable, cost effective power we provide day-in and day-out to our membership.

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