PowerSouth’s 40-member board of trustees is composed of two voting delegates from each of the 20 distribution members. Together, they govern and set the policies by which PowerSouth operates.

Daily management of the seven operating divisions — Power Delivery, Power Supply, Financial Services, Member Services and Communications, External Affairs, Business Development, and Legal and Corporate Affairs — is carried out by the President and CEO and Executive Staff.

Gary Smith

Gary Smith was appointed PowerSouth's President and Chief Executive Officer in 2000. He joined PowerSouth as Staff Attorney in 1989. Smith was appointed Director of Legal Affairs in 1991 and Vice President of Legal and Corporate Affairs in 1996. A graduate of the University of North Alabama, he received a bachelor’s degree in accounting and economics. He earned a juris doctor degree from the Cumberland School of Law.

Rick Kyle

Rick Kyle is PowerSouth’s Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. He oversees the daily operations of the financial services division, which include annual budgeting, accounting, payroll, accounts payable, and cash management. He is responsible for external financial reporting, public credit ratings, long-term debt management and the cooperative’s business insurance programs. Kyle also oversees procurement services for the cooperative, as well as building facilities maintenance and warehouse supervision for the headquarter facilities.


Seth Hammett

Seth Hammett serves as PowerSouth’s Vice President of Business Development. He leads PowerSouth’s economic development team, targeting business sectors and industry clusters to recruit businesses to our service territory both nationally and internationally, while working with key personnel to retain existing industry.

Beth Woodard

Beth Woodard is Vice President of Legal and Corporate Affairs division. She oversees legal affairs, as well as application for and handling of economic development funding. She leads the human resources division and safety team. She manages the environmental services department, which includes environmental compliance and sciences for all PowerSouth’s generation and operations facilities.

Ron Graham

Ron Graham serves as Director of Power Supply. His oversight encompasses purchase power, dispatch of PowerSouth’s energy resources, non-member sales and Energy Control functions while ensuring compliance with NERC guidelines and directives. He is also responsible for negotiating and administering power supply and transmission contracts as well as planning for the future Power Supply of PowerSouth’s member systems.

David Powell

David Powell serves as PowerSouth’s Director of Power Production. He oversees plant operations and maintenance at all PowerSouth's generation facilities, including our coal-fired Charles R. Lowman Plant, natural gas-fired James A. Vann Jr. Plant and McIntosh Power Plant, hydroelectric plants at Gantt and Point A and our Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) plant in McIntosh, Ala.

Damon Morgan

Damon Morgan serves as PowerSouth’s Chief Operating Officer. His areas of oversight encompass PowerSouth’s generation and transmission assets; power and energy purchases; fuels acquisition and transportation; generation, substation and transmission system planning, construction, operation and maintenance; system communications; information systems; and customer response center.

Leigh Grantha,

Leigh Grantham serves as PowerSouth's Vice President of Member Services and Communications. Grantham oversees the operations of PowerSouth’s member services department, which includes rate development, key accounts management and member education on issues including energy use efficiency, power quality and demand-side management. She also oversees PowerSouth’s internal and external communications, which include print and electronic media, audio/visual, public relations, advertising and social media outlets.


Horance Horn

Horace H. Horn, Jr. serves as PowerSouth’s Vice President of External Affairs. Horn oversees the daily operations of governmental and public affairs in Alabama, Florida and Washington.

Art Brunson

Art Brunson is Director of Legal Affairs and Compliance. He leads a division that addresses the legal challenges of utility compliance, solidifying PowerSouth’s strong companywide compliance culture. He is also responsible for overseeing the day-to-day legal activities of PowerSouth.

Brian Matheson

Brian Matheson serves as PowerSouth’s Director of Engineering. He oversees engineering and construction, telecommunications and computer information services. He is responsible for coordinating work plans with the distribution members for new substations and renewable resources, telecommunication services and infrastructure expansion, as well as the computer and information systems division.

Terry Wilson

Terry Wilson serves as Director of Transmission and Distribution (T&D) Operations. His oversees Substation Operation and Maintenance (O&M), Transmission O&M, District Service Centers in Leroy, Robertsdale, and Chipley, and T&D Technical Services, including system protection, metering, and automation functions. He is also responsible for transportation fleet services and PowerSouth's Customer Response Center.

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