PowerSouth goes to great lengths to take advantage of the most economic means possible when generating and purchasing electricity. As a result, we utilize a diverse generating mix that includes natural gas, coal, water (hydro), compressed air energy storage technology, and long-term purchased power agreements with other utilities.

Fuel costs make up a large percentage of the component of our distribution members’ wholesale power costs, so PowerSouth adopted a disciplined fuel supply hedging program in 2001, which continues to be a success today. It is our primary goal to provide an economic and reliable power supply for our members.

As technology evolves and our service areas grow, energy needs will grow. PowerSouth stands prepared with forward-looking energy and load forecasts. As we move into the future, innovative generation solutions are evaluated and employed to meet member needs.

PowerSouth’s generating capacity is more than 2,000 megawatts. Our generation facilities include the coal-fired Charles R. Lowman Power Plant in Leroy, Ala.; the James A. Vann, Jr. Combined Cycle Power Plant in Gantt, Ala.; the compressed air and simple-cycle combustion units at our McIntosh Power Plant in McIntosh, Ala.; the Maury A. McWilliams Combined Cycle Power Plant in Gantt, Ala.; and the Gantt and Point A hydroelectric plants in Gantt, Ala., on the Conecuh River. We also possess an ownership interest in the James H. Miller, Jr. Electric Generating Plant in Birmingham, Ala.

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